Computer Game Development V3

With my main character nearly done being rigged, and my game pretty much just awaiting the art, all I have left to do is assemble the rest of the characters! So here’s a few more.
The one on the left I drew a while back… he might need some revisions.



The Break In

Possibly my animation assignment for next semester, this is an animatic I made in Time Based Media Design my sophomore year.  Again using a sound clip from The Mighty Boosh, this time however, it’s from the radio show.  So while the main characters are pretty comparable to the characters of the show, I had fun making everything else up!

Here’s a slightly revised Vince and Howard.
photo 1

Cup Chaos

Another blast from the past, er well… sophomore year.  This was my character I made for my first official animated short, named after the actor who does his voice.

I used a sound clip from my favorite show The Mighty Boosh and… well, I can’t really explain myself.
Here’s the final product! STILL not exported correctly (I really need to go back and do that, sorry for the ridiculous colors).

Computer Game Development V2

Since I’m no expert in Unity, I’m mainly focusing on the artwork for my game.  While it will still have simple, functional levels, I’m going to construct an instruction manual prototype as my main project. Mainly I’ve been perfecting my rig on my protagonist, but I’ve gotten a few new characters done.

Mainly some baddies and NPCs… nothing wrong with a little self-insertion am I right?