Animation Progress!!

It’s nearly done!! About 3.5 minutes of silly cat-lizard shenanigans, here’s some samples!
pollo1  pollo3pollo3-2  pollo5
pollo7-2  pollooohjd


My Life Animated

Well, in practicing rigging, collaborating on a student film, animating for an internship, and perfecting that squiggle-line look, I found myself super pressed for time in the last month to get a final done! BUT with exception of the audio, transitions and a couple messy spots here and there, I was able to finish it (enough) in time for the student show! So I’ll consider this a success and I’ll definitely complete it when I get the chance!

Cup Chaos

Another blast from the past, er well… sophomore year.  This was my character I made for my first official animated short, named after the actor who does his voice.

I used a sound clip from my favorite show The Mighty Boosh and… well, I can’t really explain myself.
Here’s the final product! STILL not exported correctly (I really need to go back and do that, sorry for the ridiculous colors).

Once-ler Walk

I had just seen the new The Lorax in theaters when a “walk cycle with attitude” was assigned. So since I’m a sucker for scrawny guys in fancy getups, I combined the design for the new Once-ler with the bad habit of the old (unfortunately, I never got around to animating the smoke but shhhh maybe no one will notice).