Saw MGMT in Concert…

tumblr_mvv453jBa81rv9j3eo1_500…Again. And they were absolutely wonderful… AGAIN, but even better this time.

These dudes have been on my walls and computer desktop since high school so finally being able to see them live (twice in one year!) has been a dream come true and super inspiring!

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Breaking Through

A little insight into my Ohio State things.  I’ve been thinking this for a while and finally my boss said something. We need to be a bit more exciting with our characters.  We’ve had a lot of ideas going back and forth but here’s a start.
It’s a small step, but rather than focusing so much on character models, I basically just incorporated them into my own style.  Consequently, the comic took less time to draw, was more fun, and just as well liked by viewers!  We’ve also got animations and an interactive game coming up so stay tuned!

Colored and Sketchy Sketches

A few quick character sketches, including my dog and me and more practice for my other projects.
Lately I’ve adopted blocked in color as another form of sketching, because it’s quick, simple and it’s easy to make look nice if you really end up liking the outcome!
Some practice for a commission from a coworker, her cute dog Sophie! 
I’ve recently started playing Pokémon games again… biggest mistake a college senior can ever make.