Britt and Harlan

My sister and her dog, just for funsies.Image


Freshman Drawings

Behold some of my most boring, yet still some of my mom’s favorite, pieces of artwork to date.  I did these my first semester of freshman year, and Mom still has never let me forget how upset she is that I let my professor keep them…ImageImageand a 2 hour portrait that I see a lot of mistakes with now, but I remember being really proud of at the time.Image

Feed Lucas County Children

Recently I was contacted by Feed Lucas County Children, a great non-profit organization (soon to be honored by President Barack Obama himself CONGRATS), to illustrate an advertisement for an event coming up! I was given a brief description of what they wanted and they approved it on the first pass which was awesome. Check ’em out!Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 4.21.41 PM


My Life Animated

Well, in practicing rigging, collaborating on a student film, animating for an internship, and perfecting that squiggle-line look, I found myself super pressed for time in the last month to get a final done! BUT with exception of the audio, transitions and a couple messy spots here and there, I was able to finish it (enough) in time for the student show! So I’ll consider this a success and I’ll definitely complete it when I get the chance!