Last Minute Warm-ups!

Getting into the really gritty bits of animating my final so I decided to take a break and do something fun and quick in photoshop.  Just a basic walk-cycle for practice since Pollo’s anatomy is so wacky!


Also a little sketch practice with Prof. Alexander.


Gestures and Gents

Just some dudes this time. Gestures, hands, feets and some boys I liked well enough to finish.  Don’t smoke, kids!

Lately, I’ve been watching lots of my favorite older cartoons which has made me want to draw more cartoony-type stuff so… prepare yourselves for that storm.

Gestures and Ladies

I’m really enjoying my sketch class this semester, so I decided to clean up a couple of the gestures I like most.  If anyone’s interested in the sketchy, sketchy poses, I have a blog for the class over here.

And now just a couple of ladies since I don’t think I draw ladies enough, with a special appearance by yours, truly.  Some of these are observational, most are fresh outta my mind tank.