Last Minute Warm-ups!

Getting into the really gritty bits of animating my final so I decided to take a break and do something fun and quick in photoshop.  Just a basic walk-cycle for practice since Pollo’s anatomy is so wacky!


Also a little sketch practice with Prof. Alexander.



Just some character designs I did based on the West African God, Anansi (the spider). I really wanted to design one of the tricksters, but pop culture has already kind of ran with Loki and Hermes, and Anansi is probably my favorite of them anyway!

And here I’ve done a few more sketches based on some stories we read, along with a couple extra characters and Anansi’s spider form. Lots of fun!

Special Topics Animation: Concept

So there is another animation I’m working on, a collaborative video with my Special Topics Animation class. As of right now, I only have my concept art to post, but I’ve been put in charge of finalizing the second half of the storyboards of our 2 minute(?) long video. So that’ll be up soon!


Our main characters are a granny hunter and a bear.  We’ve pretty much already established the bear, but we’re basing the granny off my concept here. It’s so awesome to see her as a 3D model!Image

And here’s some simple bear practice.