Final designs!

And in these final weeks of clean up before graduation I have finally settled on a design that I can draw easily and consistently! Here’s some quick sketches for warm-up and the final designs! Time to animate my little cat-lizard like crazy!!




So I got a new assignment at work over the weekend.  The only criteria was “small, cute, robot” that they can use as a sort of mascot to brighten up some boring lectures in the office and yeah, I had a lot of fun with this one!


Everything is Still Awesome

Because I would like to think spring break still owes me (being sick the entire time), I’m still having fun applying new techniques to The Lego Movie fanart, rather than focus on school work. Or work work.

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Oh My G-O-S-H

In case you’re unaware, The Lego Movie is completely awesome!  With such a great cast of characters, I took this opportunity to test out a few styles and techniques while getting all the Legos out of my system.
 Spoiler alert: it’s been a week and I’m still drawing them.
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It’s Always Sunny on Spring Break

Spring break is here finally! Meaning I have more time to draw whatever I want while getting a little character design practice in.

This time I used the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and really wanted to keep it simple while emphasizing shapes and body types. I like the result but critiques are more than welcome!

Here’s a little look-see into the process!

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Character Revisions!

It’s amazing how much my style can change in a few months.  I’ve been tackling one of last semester’s projects again and hop to have a nice storyboard done in the next few weeks!

Before I started the official storyboards I wanted to make sure I was totally happy with the character designs, so that lead to more practice and revisions.  Both Biscuit and Fish got the treatment (even though Fish only has a cameo in this particular plotline but ssshh).


For the storyboards I basically ended up combining the top left with the original design, keeping him cute, simple and expressive.

and a couple selected storyboards (in no particular order) I’ve gotten done this week.

Expect more soon!

Final Designs!

These are the final official characters I’ve designed and will be put in charge of animating for the collaborative project! Can’t wait!

Mr. Biggles gets to creep into the background.

Mr. Barkley is going to be rigged and highly caffeinated.

And my baby, Mo, gets to be rudely interrupted in his marathon by a pie to the face.