More fun stuff to distract me from my important duties!
Another simple Pollo gif to practice his anatomy.


And a revised drawing of the creature I’m calling a doguana that has a short appearance in my animation!


Happy Valentimes!

I’ve done nothing but draw and watch The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack for 2 days straight. Enjoy your candy hearts, people.

I’m Back!

After a very fun and productive Christmas break, I’m comfortably settled into the new semester and ready to update again.
This is just a reminder that while my blog may occasionally be on hiatus, my newly made Instagram [@blipbloops] is consistently being updated with sketches, puppies and a little of the usual digital art.
Anyone else watch all 4 days of AMC’s Breaking Bad marathon until your eyes bled?

Instagram and Twitter!

Hey everyone! In case you haven’t noticed on my sidebar yet, I’m now on Instagram and Twitter! @Blipbloops on both sites. Feel free to follow! Or not, but I’d love it if you did! Here’s a little of what I’ll be using them for.

Twitter: Not only am I going to be tweeting updates to personal projects, sketches and just chatting with people in general.  But I’m also going to provide helpful links to references, resources and any sweet news relevant to my interests (all having to do with animation, media, etc.) or beneficial to artists. I’d love to get feedback, tips, suggestions, and will also give some if asked!

Instagram: Mainly my Instagram will just be for concept art, sketches, and any traditional crafts I start.  But as you can see from my first photo, I’ll also have little snippets of my life involving pets, hobbies, and my trip to New York Comic Con that’s coming up!

That’s all, I’ll get back to homework and my Breaking Bad marathon now.