Everything is Still Awesome

Because I would like to think spring break still owes me (being sick the entire time), I’m still having fun applying new techniques to The Lego Movie fanart, rather than focus on school work. Or work work.


Don’t forget! I have an Instagram (link in the sidebar) where I put lots of silly sketches and other projects!  Including this quickie here I did because I decided I liked the idea of Unicorn-sized Unikitty rather than cat-sized Unikitty.


This one started out as a sketch I told myself I wouldn’t finish… but that notion lasted for about 2 hours. (excuse Benny’s language)

Boop. Emmet looks how I felt all through my spring break.
(Enjoy this painfully simple background, they don’t happen very often)

Oops. I drew Metalbeard.

And I think I’ve got the shorthand down, YEAH!

EDIT: I’m gonna throw this in here too, request from my Tumblr blog of Metalbeard floating paper ships in a puddle, and I added the kiddies for fun, haha.



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