Saw MGMT in Concert…

tumblr_mvv453jBa81rv9j3eo1_500…Again. And they were absolutely wonderful… AGAIN, but even better this time.

These dudes have been on my walls and computer desktop since high school so finally being able to see them live (twice in one year!) has been a dream come true and super inspiring!

I’m going to stop myself before I start blabbing about how I got to meet them (but I totally did, autographs, hugs and all) but I do know that I immediately wanted to draw them when I got home.

Just scribbles at first, but then I got carried away.

I’m in the progress of making fake cartoon screencaps using dialogue from their videos and interviews, simply because I thought it would be fun and great practice for character design and composition.

I don’t remember which interview this was or if the dialogue is completely accurate but it made me laugh either way.

I’m 99% sure they would never do anything like this, even if it was just a Gorillaz-style online/DVD only released thing. All I’m really saying is if you guys ever need an animator, Hit. Me. Up.
Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 9.21.28 PM

Maybe my excitement for this stems from my love of Gorillaz, The Mighty Boosh, Flight of the Conchords and The Aquabats (and my deep, deep, burning, gelatinous love for this band) but I need this like oxygen.


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