Internships, Inspiration and Resources


Portland, OR
Must have passion and good communication skills and problem solving skills, and be willing to work in a team and meet deadlines. Conceive and have an understanding of thumbnails, storyboards and the process from start to finish.

2D/3D Animation
Burbank, CA
Must be fun and exciting, be willing to participate in workshops and executive lunches, and be a college student with a good academic record.  Send a resume and cover letter indicating the semester you are applying for, available days and the area(s) or shows of interest INTERNSHIPS@NICK.COM by November 1st.

Cartoon Network
Everything Internship
Burbank, CA
Must be a college student with a strong academic record, self-motivated and willing to participate in several workshops.  Skills should include organization, converting media, pulling models and online research.

Cartoon Network
Comedy Animation Development Internship
Burbank, CA
Student must be self-motivated with a good attitude, willing to research talents and projects with experience in Final Draft and Microsoft Office.  SHould be able to plot out animatics, storyboards, provide coverage for scripts, and make prints of current shows and projects.

Blue Sky
2D Animation and Storyboard
Greenwich, CT
Must be a college student or graduated in the last 9 months, with an ability in storytelling and enthusiasm for collaborating.  Must be willing to develop an ability to stage and depict action or comedy through expressive drawings, and develop characters.  Mail cover letter, resume, two letters of recommendation from faculty, a printed portfolio, and complete the story test on the website.


Amazon Studios
Create storyboards or animations based on already written scripts, projects and stories, or submit your own idea!

Cartoon Brew
Animation News

11 Second Club
Monthly animation contest with provided sound.


Sketch Tool

Figure Drawing Tool

Living Lines Library
Collection of Storyboards

Color Scheme Designer
Color Palette Tool

Frame by Frame
Stills and gifs frame by frame


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